Internet System Privacy Guard

Internet System Privacy Guard

Security application, oriented to protect your privacy while surfing the web
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Internet/System Privacy Guard is a security application, oriented mainly to protect your privacy while surfing the web. This is maybe the most important aspect regarding security nowadays, since you need to use your personal information in many electronic transactions you do online. From paying your bills to buying a vacation package, you can make almost everything in the virtual world of Internet. Is it comfortable? Sure. Is it always safe? Not likely. There’s where applications like Internet/System Privacy Guard comes in handy.
One thing that might be tricky about this software is that you will find it under the name “Internet/System Privacy Guard Free Version”, when actually is not a freeware. This “free version” is in fact the trial version of the registered version. This trial is functional for 7 days or 12 uses, what you reach first.
The application uses a web-style interface consisting in four screens among which you browse using one-click buttons. The first screen is Welcome, the default screen. This screen is basically to select the profile you want to use, modify it, and also displays some information about “Wash statistics”. The second screen is Options. This is the screen from which you can manage those profiles. Besides, from here you can set schedules to run automatic washing tasks. The third screen is the place where you can customize Internet/System Privacy Guard to meet your needs. Basically what you can do from here is to customize settings for the different applications involved in web browsing and system security. The fourth and last screen is Shredder. From here you configure whether you want it or not Internet/System Privacy Guard to delete files without chances of recovering. Besides, you can configure some general parameters for the application.
If you are interested in this program you can buy it online for $ 24.99 right from the CareWindows web page.

Lionel Mira
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  • It supports English and Portuguese
  • It's easy to use
  • It allows to manage multiple profiles


  • The trial period is short: 7 days or 12 uses
  • It has some bugs on the "change schedules" option
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